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How to Ask a Single Ukrainian Girl out

All male representatives, regardless of age, are faced with such a question: “How to ask a girl out”. Modern beauties are pretty spoiled and self-sufficient, so you should keep in mind that the old versions of invitations are not very appropriate. We offer the 5 most simple and effective ways to invite a Ukrainian girl to a romantic meeting.

How to Ask a Single Ukrainian Girl out

1) Call her

One of the best ways to ask a girl out is a regular telephone conversation. But don’t immediately say: "I want to invite you out on a date ...", not all girls like when men rush the things. But don’t drag this down as well. It shouldn’t be something like this: "I was thinking ... or maybe ... we will meet ... if you don’t mind ..." Women always gave and give preference to strong and self-confident men. Therefore, an invitation to some new fashionable place and a conversation over a cup of coffee will be the perfect one. So, remember – you should show the confidence and desire to interest a girl! And most importantly, if your lady is busy, it's better to call back later. Easy perseverance is our everything! Many men make the main mistake: getting the cherished phone numbers of the girls they like, they postpone the first call and an invitation to a meeting. But, there is a high probability that the more time passes from a dating to the first date, the faster a girl will forget a random person.

2) Write her

If you are too shy to call a girl and invite her to take a walk, then use different messengers. It can be an SMS or send a message on social networks. And remember that you increase the chances of getting agreement asking a Ukrainian girl out through the message. A message where you invite a girl should be something like this: "Hi, Mary. I want to invite you to take a walk around the lake this evening. Michael".

3) Use a little trick

You have been like a certain beauty for a long time, but you don’t know how to ask a Ukrainian girl out somewhere, not sure about her agreement, don’t want to look stupid. Well, then you will have to do a little trick. First, find out in what places she often goes. Then, meet her there as it is an accidental meeting, act surprised and then say with a smile: "Oh, hello, how are you? Let's sit somewhere!” But, of course, you should gently check whether she is not in a hurry, and if so, you can just walk with her. Thus, you will communicate and at the same time you will be able to invite her to another meeting. This method is interesting because you remain kind, unobtrusive and attentive in any case.

4) Use social networks

Twitter, Facebook, and other virtual chat rooms are the best ways to ask a Ukrainian girl out. If this meeting is the first, you need to be prepared for the fact that a photo in a network and the true face of a lady can be very different. However, people evaluate each other mutually; therefore it is worth to upload your photos on the Internet as well, so that they don’t cause a lot of disappointments of a girl on the first date.

5) Go up to her

If you still don’t know how to ask a girl out on a date, then you have to gain the courage and just go up to her. You can do it at work, on the street, in the airport, on a bus station, wherever you want, and start an unobtrusive conversation and end it with the invitation on a date. If she agrees, then you are lucky and do everything right.

What to Do If a Girl Refuses Your Invitation

If you invite a girl for a walk and she refuses your offer, don’t rush to get nervous and get frustrated. First of all, ask why she is not ready to go with you. If she doesn’t have time, ask whether she can spend another day in your company. If you get a refusal again, then don’t bother her, let her rest, let her think, and show signs of attention to her while she thinks. Try to invite a girl again after a week or two. You have a chance to get a positive decision that might increase significantly. In any case, don’t despair, you know, girls sometimes don’t know what they want and what they are waiting for, so take the initiative and don’t give up.

Now you can determine for yourself the best way to ask a girl out. The main thing is to know the measure and carefully think over the course of the whole conversation! If you follow these simple rules, and you are interesting to a girl, be sure that she will agree to see you.

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