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How to Date a Single Ukrainian Girl: 15 Steps (With Pictures)

Since you’re going to meet single Ukrainian girls online, you need to have a clear idea of how you’ll build your relationship firstly on a dating website and then in real life. You should know that Slavic girls are very serious about dating. If they register on a dating site, they want to find a partner for life, not just a boyfriend. We assume that you also have serious intentions and look for a future wife. If you want to know how to date Ukrainian girls appropriately, here is an ultimate guide for you.

1. Determine your objective.
Determine your objective Before you start to start meeting girls online, you need to decide what you expect from your endeavors. Keep in mind that these girls look for potential husbands, so if you’re not ready for something serious and long-term, state this in your profile. Having a list of traits you’re looking for in your potential spouse is good. You can indicate the most important ones in your profile.

2. Make a good impression by your first letter.
Make a good impression by your first letter Your first message is actually your pick-up line that you would normally use when approaching a woman in real life. Many men make a big mistake writing only “hi” in their first letter. It’s not enough to grab woman’s attention. Dating is a kind of game and you should follow its rules if you want to succeed. Start with a compliment, a question, or a comment to initiate a dialog.

3. Keep the ball rolling.
Keep the ball rolling If you strike up a conversation, be able to introduce new subjects and have a nice talk. There are a lot of topics you can touch upon during your first chats. Show your interest in her hobbies, travel experiences, job/studies, family, plans for future, etc. However, you shouldn’t ask too many questions during your first chat. Get to know each other gradually if you feel a connection.

4. Don’t be too pushy.
Don’t be too pushy If you don’t want to freak a Ukrainian girl out, don’t bombard her with compliments and endless questions. Every woman likes attention but if you flood her with new and new messages, she’ll think you’re either a desperate man or a maniac.

5. Use your sense of humor.
Use your sense of humor Humor is always to the point when it comes to flirting and dating. It’s a great tool for creating a positive atmosphere and breaking the ice. Here is an observation: women tend to fall in love with funny guys who can make them smile. Laughing is a reaction to positive emotions and if you can evoke those emotions in your Ukrainian date, you lay a foundation for your relationship.

6. Don’t show off.
Don’t show off Women can’t stand boastful men. Ukrainian girls can detect a show-off at a glance and they wouldn’t like to deal with such person. It’s understandable that you want to make an impression on your date but don’t go out of your way. You might be proud of your successful career and want to let your date know that you’ll be able to provide for your future family but don’t openly brag about your financial status. By doing so, you’ll attract the wrong type of women and turn the right one off.

7. Use simple English.
Use simple English Although most Ukrainian women registered on online dating website can speak English, some abbreviations or slang words may be unknown to them. Don’t overuse netspeak when writing and try to speak clearly and avoid certain words that may confuse her.

8. Act like a gentleman.
Act like a gentleman Good manners are admired both online and offline. Be tactful, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Men often get dumb when they talk to a beautiful woman. Don’t let your words forestall your thoughts. It’s so easy to put your foot in it when you’re nervous.

9. Dress appropriately.
Dress appropriately When you start dating offline, make sure you dress well when you go out with a Ukrainian beauty. It doesn’t mean you should dress up, just make sure you look sharp.

10. Bring flowers.
Bring flowers Flowers are a must on a date. Don’t show up empty-handed but bring a bunch of flowers for your woman. A small gift will also be appropriate. If it’s a first real date, chocolates or a soft toy will be a good option.

11. Be romantic.
Be romantic When you’re in love, you want to do romantic things. Women like romance and romantic men. Choose an unusual location for your date or prepare romantic dinner at home.

12. Set the right atmosphere.
Set the right atmosphere As a man, you’re in charge of creating a casual atmosphere of your dates. Use your masculine charm and everything will go off smoothly. Radiate confidence, tell funny stories, listen to her, and be in the moment.

13. Be attentive.
Be attentive Women appreciate it very much when men listen to them carefully. It’s the sign that a man is interested in a woman as a personality and this is what Ukrainian women expect.

14. Pick up the tab.
Pick up the tab Traditionally, men pay for dinner in Ukraine. That’s why be a gentleman and pick up the tab even if your date offers to split the bill (but it’s unlikely she will).

15. Don’t rush things.
Don’t rush things If you plan a serious relationship with your date, don’t offer sex too soon. It may make her think you’re a womanizer. She’ll need some time before she decides to get more intimate.

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