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Picking Up a Single Ukrainian Girl: Essential Tips

Love knows no boundaries and this is natural. Men from all over the globe ask me what dating Ukrainian girls is about. Well, it is not that easy to explain briefly and I decided to start from the beginning. So here is a ten-step strategy of how to pick up Ukrainian girls.

1. Approach first

This is the very basic secret of how to pick up a girl from Ukraine. Femininity is, surely, one of their distinctive cultural features. A rare Ukrainian lady will take the first steps first: regardless of how attractive you are, she will rather wait for you to take the intuitive. Draw up a plan and kick the adventure off!

2. Look great

Women from the Eastern Slavic region are amazing and their physical beauty is outstanding. No wonder guys from all around the world fall in love with them. Note that they also want to be with handsome and well-groomed men. Take care of your exterior when you contact the lady of your dreams.

3. Be the best version of yourself

Your inner world and accomplishments should become your main strength when it comes to picking up girls. I hugely recommend you not pretending someone else in order to win a Ukrainian girl’s heart. Focus on merits that make you stand out and impress her with your versatile skills!

4. Court her like a true lady

Dating Ukrainian women is not possible if you break the etiquette rules. Yes, Slavs are straightforward and bold but it doesn’t mean they are rude undereducated savages. Girls in Ukraine tend to be well-brought up and smart so they will not fall for a first available guy who is incapable of behaving properly.

5. Demonstrate your knowledgeability

Your brain is the key to how to pick up girls. Another great feature of Ukrainian women is their high intellect – they normally make good specialists in different spheres and have university degrees. They adore opening new horizons too. So if such a lady meets an intelligent guy, she instantly gets keen on him.

6. Get curious about her culture

Wouldn’t you agree it is exciting to see how foreigners appreciate your native system of values, traditions, and folklore? Use your curiosity right while talking to a nice Ukrainian girl. Ask her follow-up questions to understand her mindset and she will be glad to provide you with more information.

7. Figure out who she is

The most important thing to do to pick up a Ukrainian girl is to get to know her as a person. Search for common interests you two may have and gradually build the mutual emotional bond. As you can see, ladies from Ukraine are not oriented on short-term connections so it is going to take some time to get close with her.

8. Give attention

Just because this is what any woman desires to receive. Keep up to date with events that happen in her life and be ready to give her a hand if necessary. Next, show how concerned you are. And yeah, compliments are needed! Just make them sound natural and do not stick to hackneyed patterns.

9. Let her feel your confidence

The art of picking up Ukrainian girls is about how you position yourself in society. They want to have an assured man by their side since he can make them feel secure. It is one of the major traits you should ideally possess. Work on your self-confidence in advance is you lack it for some reason!

10. Be mindful

To show how much you care, make the wishes of your lady come true and surround her with special romantic treatment. Buy gifts she has always been wanted to get, arrange non-conventional dates, and keep her in high spirits.

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