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What Single Ukrainian Girls Hate in Men

Each woman, regardless of nation, has her own ideal of a man. And they all endow this ideal partner with about the same undeniable advantages. They want their life partner to be a real man. He should possess the best personal qualities possible so that he could always be relied upon, and he needs to be gentle and kind at the same time. Most potential brides want their man to be intelligent, wise, and attentive.


However, the presence of a real masculine character is the main requirement to a life companion for single Ukrainian women of any age. That sounds fair: who would love a feminized man? This means the presence of female qualities in the man’s character and behavior, and some femininity in his appearance and habits are not welcome. In general, such a wish list is clear and logical. But what kind of a man would a Ukrainian girl never want to see next to her?

What Ukrainian women hate about men

Too many words, too little actions

Ukrainian women for dating don’t like guys who talk too much. A chatty man only fits the role of a friend, not a reliable partner. Such guys are great only if the girl wants to chat about something and has no one around, but no woman will build a relationship with them. If you want to win a Ukrainian girl’s heart, then, first of all, you’re expected to talk less and do more. If a man squanders all his energy on chatter, without backing up his feelings with actions, he’s not a man at all.

Infantile behavior

Infantile men (that is, adult boys who can’t realize that they already grew up) also have no chances of finding a young Ukrainian girlfriend. These guys are mostly for adult women in their 40’s. Some ladies can’t resist the temptation to hug such adult boy and never let him go. In this case, we get an average Ukrainian family: a wife-mother and a husband-son. She protects him, feeds him, and brings him up. That’s what women hate about men the most.


There is a certain type of guys who are practically obsessed with their looks. They simply can’t pass by the mirror without stopping and admiring their own reflection, making compliments to themselves and checking if there’s anything wrong with their unbelievably stylish haircut. This type of men usually causes unpleasant associations and persistent rejection in many Ukrainian women.

Uncertainty about one's future

When you date a Ukrainian girl, you should know that if the man doesn’t have a job he loves that brings him income – he can’t be relied upon. Constant uncertainty about what to do and how to make money is another aspect of infantilism. There is nothing worse than male indecisiveness. A woman, who is in a relationship with such a man, won’t be able to settle down and start building a family.

Too little attention to her

The guy, who’s constantly busy with phone talks, drives single Ukrainian girls mad because they want attention from their partners. And how much attention can the man give if he talks on the phone all the time? The same goes for guys, who spend a lot of time surfing the web, playing games, etc. This also pisses the girls off, because this means that guys prefer movies and TV shows to them. As a result, the girls begin suffering from lack of attention once again. That’s why there are so many quarrels in young couples nowadays. Therefore, try to be less distracted by useless stuff and pay more attention to your loved one.

Too little attention to one’s looks

Ukrainian singles hate guys who don’t bother taking care of themselves. A man that doesn’t care about his cleanliness and neatness and doesn’t care what to wear is a savage or a small child. The only desire he can arouse in a Ukrainian woman is the desire to get him to the shower.

On the other hand, a man who pays too much attention to his appearance is also considered a child that has problems with self-esteem. You need to find the balance, guys. If you don’t know how to do it right - look for some info online and watch how others dress.

Too much attention to other girls

Ukrainian girls for dating can’t stand their partners praising other women in their presence. Your girlfriend is the only one you should admire. If you pay too much attention to someone else, then, depending on the strength of your relationship, your lady may start getting suspicious, putting your faithfulness into question. It’s not surprising because everyone is well aware of your biological predilection for polygamy. But when the woman praises other men – there’s nothing wrong with that at all. And if her man starts a quarrel because of this, he gets accused of being childish. See the difference? What is normal for a woman, in this case, is unacceptable for a man.

Too much criticism

A man, who criticizes a Ukrainian woman's views on life, tastes, and interests, simply doesn’t deserve the right to exist. Obviously, all that he wants to do when criticizing is to turn the attention to himself and his ego. And this, again, means that he may have problems with self-esteem. Even if you think that the girl is not right, just let her make a mistake. When a woman speaks, she simply speaks because she wants to talk. And if she doesn’t talk to you (maybe because you criticized her tastes and looks), she will find someone more delicate than you.

If the woman is too emotional, the worst way to change this situation is to tell her how wrong she is. Just ask her what she wants, calmly and with affectionate curiosity. At least she will calm down and begin to think about what she wants. You don’t necessarily need to fulfill her requests, for example, you don’t have to stay away from your parents, work, and friends because she wants it. Ask her what she wants for herself, not for you.

What else do you need to know to conquer the heart of a Ukrainian girl?

Here are some useful tips that will help you avoid mistakes when dealing with single Ukrainian ladies.

When dating Ukrainian women, such dates as birthdays and anniversaries are important. If you’re able to remember the most important ones, for example, the day when you started dating, great! Even if you can’t recall the exact date, try to remember at least the time of the year, and when the approximate time comes, just say: “Hey, aren’t we supposed to celebrate our anniversary?” This way you can find out the exact date. And if you buy your loved one a gift, she will surely appreciate it. And it’s okay if you do this a day or two later. Better late than never.

Most Ukrainian women love flowers. And it doesn’t matter what you think about wasting money on something that will end up in a trash can two or three days later. If she drops you a hint that wants a colorful bouquet, then the worst thing you can do is say that you think it's a useless gift.

If your Ukrainian girlfriend asked you to do something, and you forgot about it, she’ll remember your fail. If she asked you for something twice, she’ll start to get angry. But if you ignore her request for the third time, get ready for a fight. This doesn’t mean that you must unquestioningly fulfill all your woman’s desires, but it's better to tell her whether you’re going to do it or not in advance.

Never do a Ukrainian woman a favor. If you did something for her, you did it because you wanted to. And there’s nothing to it. Or don’t do anything if you don’t want to. But you should never promise what you’re not going to do. It is better if you first refuse, and then agree, than if you first agree, and then say “no.”

When it comes to appearance, young Ukrainian girls have certain preferences. For example, they like tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired or slender, blue-eyed blond guys (now that’s what we call “taste”). Older women say that the lover should be handsome, but they don’t care how their life partner may look. For most women with life experience, people’s inner beauty means a lot more than a pretty face.

Here’s the ideal of a man in Ukrainian women’s opinion: he’s elegant, clever, serious, and gallant. He has an insightful look, the calm face of a self-confident person, a slight grin in the corners of the mouth and in the depths of the eyes, and a good sense of humor. He is correct, outwardly restrained, and has that light in the eyes that can ignite any woman.

In conclusion

Dating Ukrainian girls is not that hard. Perhaps you should pay attention to your negative traits. After all, sometimes guys don’t understand why they can’t find a decent girl. The thing is that the problem is in the guys. If a person strives for a better life, he meets only good people on his way. So spend your free time on self-improvement, and one day, you’ll meet a worthy girl on your way.

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